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Has COVID-19 Impacted You Financially?

COVID-19 & Superannuuation!

How to access your superannuation in COVID-19 financial hardship…

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Account-Based Pensions – Save the Other Half for Later?

27 May 2020

In recent weeks we have discussed various Commonwealth responses to the Coronavirus. One response that has received relatively little ‘airtime’ is the announcement that people…

How will the Coronavirus affect property values?

20 May 2020

It has been a while since we spoke about property – there have perhaps been other more pressing things to discuss. But property is still very much worth thinking about, even if, for now, the state…

To Access Or Not To Access (Your Super Early)?

5 May 2020

Amid the raft of measures announced by the Commonwealth Government last month, one of the more contentious was the decision to allow limited access to superannuation benefits to…

The Most Famous Black Swan Event

22 April 2020

Perhaps the most famous black swan event was the Global Financial Crisis, which essentially stemmed from a collapse in domestic American house prices in the late 2000s….


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Superannuation Funds & Insurance

22 March 2020

Legislation passed in February 2019 has led to superannuation funds sending out letters to those with accounts which hold valuable personal insurance and have not received a contribution…

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What Is Superannuation Consolidation?

29 January 2020

If you have ever changed jobs, then the chances are that you have more than one super fund. This means you are potentially paying more than one set of fees to manage your super…

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