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Managing finances is complex. And as the saying goes, ‘failing to plan is planning to fail.’ We provide a comprehensive financial planning service that brings together all elements of your financial profile.

Each of these elements is important in its own right and making positive changes in any one area will provide substantial benefit. But the real benefits come when two or more of these elements are addressed together. That is when your financial profile really starts to sing!

Let’s start planning for your future, together.

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WE HELP you select the right fund for you and your family. Retail, industry or self-managed... we analyse the choices and help you make the right one.

MAKING THE most of your super - we make it work with your overall financial plan.

WE DO all the liaising and research for you to get the best result.

YOUR HEALTH is your most important asset! Protect it with the right insurances.

ANALYSIS OF personal risk factors and talking through the most applicable insurances.

WE HELP minimise premiums by conducting thorough research.

RETIRE AS comfortably as possible - we ensure your funds meet your goals and dreams.

NO MATTER your age, we analyse and manage your money along the way to retirement.

PLANNING FOR use of Centrelink and other Government benefits in retirement.

Lani (2019)

Going to see Andrew changed my (financial) life. He even catered my super to meet my environmental & ethical values. thank you


BUDGETING FOR  the things you dream of doing, and life’s necessities in between.

MANAGING A realistic balance between your debt and assets.

WE LOOK into your investments and make sure they are working for you.


TAX Planning Strategies

ESTATE Planning

BUSINESS Advice with MDH Accounting

AND MORE… if it’s to do with your money, just ask!


Clear, strategic advice focused on you and your values, goals and dreams for the future

Financial Resources & News

You can find some helpful resources here and we are always offering the latest in our industry, plus tips…

The Most Famous Black Swan Event

Perhaps the most famous black swan event was the Global Financial Crisis, which essentially stemmed from a collapse in domestic American house prices in the late 2000s….

Superannuation Funds & Insurance

Legislation passed in February 2019 has led to superannuation funds sending out letters to those with accounts which hold valuable personal insurance and have not received a contribution…

What Is Superannuation Consolidation?

If you have ever changed jobs, then the chances are that you have more than one super fund. This means you are potentially paying more than one set of fees to manage your super…

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Financial Calculators

We are always here to help, and where you would get the best results in person with us, some additional guidance can be a great help such as these financial calculators that are promoted by Australia’s ASIC MoneySmart…

Budget Planner

Compound Interest

Credit Card Calculator

Income Tax Calculator

Mortgage Calculator

Personal Loan Calculators

Retirement Planner

Savings Goal  Calculator

Super Calculator

Super & Pension Age Calculator

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Offering clear, strategic personal advice that is straight-forward yet specific to you and your future needs.

I am passionate about helping my clients make better decisions in regards to their money. By simplifying complex concepts and keeping my clients informed I am able to significantly increase the likelihood of them achieving their goals. I feel privileged to be a part of my client’s financial journey.

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